Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Har Ki Doon Valley

Har Ki Doon Valley a tourist place in India and trekking site Uttarakhand is a cradle shaped hanging valley in the Garhwal Himalayas.  Har ki doon a tourist place and trekking site in Uttarakhand is surrounded by snow-covered peaks and beautiful vegetation. Har ki Doon Valley is at an altitude of approx 3500m above mean sea level and is snow-covered from October to March. 

har ki doon Uttarakhand

About Har ki Doon Trekking

The valley is around 25 km from Taluka from where Trekking starts. The trek to the valley starts from Taluka village and passes through Gangaad, Osala, and Seema. It is a 2-day trek usually done in two stages. 

Har ki Doon Images

How to reach Har ki Doon Tourist place

Tourists can go to Har ki Doon via Flights and Train till Dehradun. After that tourist going to Har ki Doon will have to hire Taxi till Taluka. After Taluka, the Trekking will start. 

Har ki Doon Images

Har ki Doon trekking place


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