Thursday, 19 November 2015


About haridwar: Haridwar is the city of God situated on the bank of ganga river in Uttrakhand state of India. its a holy place. The River Ganga, after flowing for 253 kilometres (157 mi) from its source at Gaumukh at the edge of the Gangotri Glacier, enters in North India first time. haridwar. Haridwar is as one of the seven holiest places to Hindus. According to the Samudra manthan, Haridwar along with Ujjain, Nashik and Prayag is one of four sites where drops of Amrit, the elixir of immortality, accidentally spilled over from the pitcher while being carried by the celestial bird Garuda. This is manifested in the Kumbha Mela being celebrated every 3 years in one of the 4 places, and thus every 12 years in Haridwar. Download Haridwar har ki pauri wallpapers.

Haridwar har ki pauri wallpapers and pictures

Aarti at Haridwar har ki pauri at evening

Haridwar wallpapers view at night

Haridwar hd wallpapers and pictures download

lord Bholey statue the world's largest pictures in Haridwar

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Sunday, 15 November 2015


Chhatarpur Temple  is located in south Delhi - Chhatarpur. This is the second largest temple complex in India, and is dedicated to Goddess, Katyayani. It is located at Chhatarpur, on Qutub Minar, off Mehrauli-Gurgaon road. The temple was established in 1974, by Baba Sant Nagpal ji, who died in 1998. His samadhi shrine lies in the premises of the Shiv-Gauri Nageshwar Mandir within the temple complex. This temple was considered as the biggest temple in India and second largest in the world, before the Akshardham Temple was created in 2005 in Delhi. This temple is totally constructed from marble and on all the facets there is jaali work. It can be classified a vessara style of architecture. Download wallpapers and images of Chhatarpur mandir delhi.

Chhatarpur temple delhi wallpapers and pictures in hd

hd wallpapers of Chhatarpur temple delhi

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Famous wallpapers of temples in delhi

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delhi temples images

best wallpapers of Chhatarpur temple delhi
full views of delhi Chattarpur-Temple

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Sunday, 1 November 2015


About KalinjarKalinjar is a historic city in the Bundelkhand region of central India. Kalinjar is located in Banda District of Uttar Pradesh state and nearby World Heritage Site of Khajuraho. It served several of Bundelkhand's ruling dynasties, including the Chandela dynasty of Rajputs in the 10th century, and the Solankis of Rewa. The fortress contains several temples dating as far back as the Gupta dynasty of the 3rd-5th centuries. Kalinjar also have its old fort named Kalinjar Fort which have a lot of unique art and culture designed on its stones and walls. Download Kalinjar best wallpapers and images and info about it.
Kalinjar Fort hd wallpapers

Kalinjar Fort panormic view wallpapers

statue design at Kalinjar Fort

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